From Robin To Rickie

February 27, 2006

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There were some Brewers stories of note over the weekend-

  • They signed Ned Yost to a 2-year extension covering 2007-08 with an option for 2009. I have no problem with this move, and think it was necessary. While I at times take issue with some of Yost’s on-field decisions, specifically his handling of the bullpen and his annoying fascination with the sacrifice bunt, I think overall he does a very good job. This again brings up the argument of how much effect a manager actually has on a team. I would argue that it’s far less than has been thought throughout baseball history. However, a couple of the biggest- keeping the team motivated and fostering strong team chemistry- are two things that Yost does very well. I guess this quells any thoughts of Yost keeping the manager’s seat warm for Robin Yount.
  • Ben Sheets looked good throwing to hitters Saturday. Ok, so maybe I was a little premature in expecting Ben to have trouble getting healthy this spring. This is one thing I’ll be glad to be proven wrong on. I’m still curious about what kind of velocity he has.
  • Fans set a single day record for ticket sales on Saturday. You had to figure they’d beat last year’s attendance in 2006, since Wisconsin residents are jumping on the bandwagon in droves. I just want something to be done to get rid of at least half of those Cubs fans. I fall on the side of those who have no fun sitting in sections full of drunk Illinois idiots.
  • The Brewers are seeking to buy out Derrick Turnbow’s first two years of arbitration by signing him to a 2-year extension, covering 2007 and 2008. John and I were talking about this today, and the last thing we want to see happen is overpaying a reliever based on a glamour stat like saves. The team has done a great job the last couple of years putting together effective bullpens on a shoestring budget. I don’t feel that you have to pay relievers a lot of money because you can find effective relievers relatively easily and cheaply. However, if Turnbow can continue to pitch like he did in 2005, I would concede that he’s worth a little bit more cash. How much, though? Is $6 million over 2007-08 reasonable? John would like to see what he does for one more year, but if he throws up another ERA around 2 with 40 saves, how much will he be asking for? That’s probably what the Brewers are thinking here, but you can bet that Doug Melvin is also thinking about what kind of trade value a guy like that would have. Remember, we’ve still got two potential closers sitting around in Jose Capellan and Matt Wise. Heck, this time last year we were discussing whether Mike Adams could handle the role. Things change quickly in the bullpen, and the Brewers would be wise to keep this in mind.

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