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March 1, 2006

How many MPG does your car get?

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Today, Brewers’ majority owner, Mr. Attanasio, held an on-line chat at

If you can wade your way through the investigative questions such as “have you seen any of Prince’s new tattoos” and “do you know how many tickets are left for the Twins series at Miller Park”, you can find some little notes of interest.

The question of Carlos Lee’s contract status came up.  Mark A. didn’t reveal anything, but he did not state that the club wanted to resign Carlos.  It’s just one of many decisions in the coming year.  Given the fact that Lee is making $8.5 million this year and will probably command at least that as a free agent, I’m guessing the Brewers will let him walk.

From all we know, Lee has not been the clubhouse cancer Ozzie Guillen said he was in Chicago.  But, he proved himself to be as streaky as Geoff Jenkins is.  Last year, he cooled off in the second-half just as much as Jenkins got hot.  Overall, he had a good season, but was far less than what we hoped for.  .265/.324/.487 is okay, but he only had 10 HR after the all-star break.  Maybe the homerun derby had the same effect on him as it did on Richie Sexson?
They have replacements banging on the door right now, who could put up decent numbers at 10% of the cost.  They could use that salary elsewhere (starting pitching, catching).  If Nelson Cruz does anything at AAA in the first half of the year and the Brewers are not in contention, don’t be surprised to see the Brewers offering Lee to anyone who will listen.  The Brewers brass has admitted that they love Cruz, sans the strikeouts.  I would not have a problem with Cruz or Hart partolling left field.  I’m not saying they would necessarily end up being all-stars, but who knows what they could do if given the chance.


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