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March 2, 2006

Brewers’ Decision Getting National Respect

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Apparently the Brewers have announced that they will not be allowing a DH in their home spring training games to accomodate Barry Bonds.  All Barry-bashing aside, I’m glad the Brewers made this decision.   Of all the Brewers’ pitchers, the one with the highest batting VORP was Chris Capuano at 1.8, good for 31st in baseball.  Next was Wes Obermueller at 1.4 in only 16 plate appearances.  Matt Wise at 0.9 was the only other Brewers pitcher even close to making a contribution with the bat, if you can even call it that.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Milwaukee Brewers pitchers murderer’s row (40 or more plate appearances)
Doug Davis (0.3)

Tomo Ohka (-2.9)

Victor Santos (-3.2)

Ben Sheets (-5.6)

That’s right folks- Ben Sheets put up a negative 5.6, good for 317th out of 318th pitchers with a plate appearance in 2005.  Only Reds pitcher Aaron Harang was worse (-8.4).  Ben’s prowess at the plate has become something of a legend in Milwaukee, but at what point does it go from funny to inexcusable?  He managed to lay down 7 sacrifice bunts, but come on- 1 hit and 1 walk in 45 plate appearances?

Granted, they were trying to protect Ben last year because of injury concerns and because he was out there dizzy half the time.  But the Brewers at least have to teach their pitchers how to bunt.  Can we at least expect that out of them?  Maybe put the ball in play once a game?

I applaud the Brewers for recognizing this and for making this decision, regardless of criticism they may take from Giants fans.  Get these guys some work and help them to realize that hitting is more than just a clubhouse joke.  Ben, Tomo and the gang, at least make an effort to improve yourselves and give your team a better chance to win.


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