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March 17, 2006

Where Have All the Pitchers Gone?

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Here’s a question for you…..

Not including Ben Sheets, who is the last pitcher the Brewers have developed into a stable, dependable starter for Milwaukee?

Before you answer, the pitcher must have started at least a modest 50 games over a two year span and have had to be drafted by the Brewers.
Let’s go back through the pitchers who might fit the criteria.  Ruben Quevedo and Wayne Franklin fail on both criteria.  Jimmy Haynes and Jamey Wright started 50+ games, but did not come through the Brewers system.  Allen Levrault was drafted by the Brewers, but only made 21 starts over two years.

Maybe you think it was Jeff D’Amico?  Nope.  D’Amico made 73 starts in his time with the Brewers, but not 50+ over 2 consecutive years.  Injuries prevented D’Amico from being such a performer.
The answer is actually three guys.  Scott Karl was drafted by Milwaukee in 1992 and made 148 starts from 1995-1999.  Steve Woodard and Cal Eldred also fit the criteria.  What’s interesting is that all three guys’ Brewers careers came to an end in 1999 or 2000.  There has been nothing since then.

For all their successes and failures, Dean Taylor and Doug Melvin haven’t been as successful with drafting and developing starting pitchers.  Recent Brewers history has been littered with failures.  Inherits Kyle Peterson and Nick Neugebauer burned out fast.  Up to this point, Ben Hendrickson hasn’t proven to be even a below-average starter and Dana Eveland had a horrible spring and been sent to the minors after a promising 2005.  Injuries to Mike Jones and Manny Parra have stalled their development.
However, there may be hope in Yovani Gallardo, Will Inman, Mark Rogers, Rolando Pascual, and Josh Wahpepah are coming through the system, but may not be here too soon.  Dennis Sarfate and Zach Jackson (aquired in the Overbay trade) could be called up from Nashville if injuries afflict the top club, but Rick Helling will probably get the first opportunity.
Bottom Line: The Brewers have done a great job to acquire starting pitching through trades and waiver pickups.  Through, it would be nice to see a top starter come through improve the rotation even more or to use in a trade to acquire even more talent.


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