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March 28, 2006

Brewers Lineup

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It really doesn't matter a lot because a) it changes so much during the season and b) it's debatable if it actually makes much difference, but the Brewers ran out what will quite possibly be their opening day lineup last night.  I can confirm that Jim Powell said as much on air before the game on the radio. 

1. CF Brady Clark, 2. SS J.J. Hardy, 3. RF Geoff Jenkins, 4. LF Carlos Lee, 5. 1B Prince Fielder, 6. 2B Rickie Weeks, 7. 3B Bill Hall, 8. C Damian Miller

I'm really glad Hardy's in the #2 slot.  I think last year's early struggles could've had a lot to do with him not seeing very good pitches with the Brewers' abysmal pitchers "hitting" behind him.  He should see plenty of fastballs hitting 2nd in this lineup.  Plus, the guy does what a 2 hitter is supposed to do- he makes contact and he gets on base.

Wow, does this lineup look good.  You've got Clark and Hardy setting the table, and then it never lets up until the 8th slot.  I don't recall a Brewers lineup that looked this good, short of the early 80's glory years.

Just for kicks, I inputted this lineup into the awesome Lineup Analysis tool at using the 2006 PECOTA projections for the Brewers.  The lineup projected to produce the most runs (4.782 per game, to be precise) is:

1. Rickie Weeks, 2. Prince Fielder, 3. J.J. Hardy, 4. Carlos Lee, 5. Geoff Jenkins, 6. Bill Hall, 7. Damian Miller, 8. Pitcher, 9. Brady Clark.

Maybe there was something to Tony LaRussa hitting his pitcher 8th after all.  Without spending too much time on this, I'm assuming hitting Clark 9th would serve to better set up the top of the order.  Weeks would probably see a lot more RBI opportunities as well.  What's even more interesting is J.J. Hardy hitting 3rd.  I also think Fielder hitting 2nd would prevent Ned Yost from bunting Weeks over in the first inning, but that's just a hunch.

Anyway, speaking of lineups, do you remember that Sunday afternoon game back during the Tom Trebelhorn era when he literally picked that day's lineup out of a hat?  Good times.  I'm guessing Yost won't be doing that this season.


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