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April 4, 2006

Opening Day

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First, here are the Brewers' WPA for yesterday's game:

Cirillo: 0.243

Weeks:  0.104

Lee: 0.099

Wise: 0.097

Hardy: 0.082

Hall: 0.064

Lehr: 0.045

Turnbow: 0.027

Jenkins : 0.021

Davis: -0.034

Miller: -0.069

Fielder: -0.084

Clark: -0.095

As you can see, Cirillo's 2-run single was the difference (obviously?). J.J.'s homerun in the first inning set the tone. Also, Prince Fielder's 4-strikeout performance was not as bad as Brady Clark's 0-4 performance as Clark also hit into a double play to end the seventh inning when the Brewers were only up by 1 run.
It's just one game there are still 161 to go but from Davis to Turnbow, Hardy to Lee, it was a very satisfying win.
Other notes:

Game Score: Doug Davis – 54

Strike percentage: Doug Davis – 60.36%

Top Current Hitting Streak: J.J. Hardy – 8 games


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