From Robin To Rickie

April 6, 2006

A Couple Notes

Filed under: Uncategorized — John Schmid @ 6:42 pm has posted the 2006 team salaries for all 30 MLB teams.  The Brewers, with just short of a $56.8 million payroll ranks in 25th place.  Wow.  $56.8 million is in the bottom third of all team payrolls. While we all know that there is definitely a correlation between team salary and success, it is also the application of those dollars.  It is the quality of the ownership, front office, on-field management, and commitment to developing major league caliber players in the minors.  All qualities currently held by the Brewers.

What's also interesting is that the teams below the Brewers are paying less, but do not seem to have any plan for what they are paying for.  Kansas City and Pittsburgh are spending about $47 million on players.  Are they getting a good return on their investment?  Pittsburgh is trying, but Kansas City is failing.  Todd Helton's salary makes up of 25% of Colorado's total.  Tampa Bay has tons of talent from their minor leagues, but up until now, they haven't figured out how to apply that talent properly.  Florida is another story.

In summary, the Brewers are paying a lot of money to players, but they have done it in a very thoughtful manner, with an eye on the future.  There is a plan in place and they have an owner who isn't afraid to add salary if it makes sense to the success of the club. 

Lastly, my blog partner, Jamie, pointed out something very interesting at Opening Day.  When you watch Rickie Weeks field a ground ball, he is much more confident and successful when he is moving to his right or left.  His trouble seems to come more from balls hit straight-on toward him.  He'll double clutch the throw and seems to be thinking too much about what he is going to do.  Then he has to force his effort and throws wildly.  Also, if he has too much time, he'll lolly-pop the throw.  It is not as natural as if he is moving and has to "make a play."  Watch closely some time and let us know what you think. 


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